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Bicycle and E-bike Service
and Repairs

We provide service and repairs for all of your bikes.  The repair shop will be open Monday through Saturday 9 to 4.  Our experienced staff can help you get your bike out on the road or trails!

Basic E-bike Tuneup       $75

  Adjust brakes and shifting

  Clean and lube chain

  Adjust headset

  Check tire pressure and tread

  Check/tighten all bolts

  General wipe-down of bike

Detailed E-bike Tuneup $150

  All "Basic" tasks

  Drive-train removal, clean, lube

  True wheels

  Detailed frame clean

Repair and Service Rates

  • Flat tire repair   $35

  • Tube replacement  $45

  • Tire replacement  $70

  • Handlebar switch  $40

  • Brake pad replacement  $50

  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed   $25

  • Tannus Armour Liner install $40

  • Flat tire prevention service  $25

  • E-bike controller programming  $25

  • Diagnostic services    $80/hour

  • Bike modifications    $80/hour

  • E-bike assembly    $150

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